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Umm, whats happening?

Stop Drop and Roll

DATE: Midweek: Tuesday 11th, 18th and 25th of August, Wednesdays 9th, 16th and 23rd of September

TIME: Tuesdays 10am-11.30am Wednesdays 12.30pm-2pm

LOCATION: Clarence MTB park

COST: $150per person ($50 per session)

DETAIL:Stop Drop and Roll is Trail Culture series of 3 x 1 1/2 hour skills sessions for anyone who wants to have more fun on their bike.

Clarence bike park skills coaching

Corner Like You Mean it

DATE: Saturday 5th September

TIME: 3-4.30pm

LOCATION: Clarence MTB park

COST: $60 per person

DETAIL:Corner like you mean it is perfect for anyone who wants to take the umm out of going around corners.

Up Down Over Easy

DATE: Saturday 22nd August

TIME: 3pm-4.30pm

LOCATION: Clarence MTB Park

COST: $60 per person

DETAIL:Up Down Over easy is a short course that focuses on vertical body movement on the bike, and how we can use these movements to move up and over features on the trail, navigate drops, generate free speed and even start to get air. Perfect for anyone who wants to find there flow over rocks and drops and a great refresher for riders who developed pre dropper posts when "just get back" was the default.

Other sessions times are available please E-mail Marc for bookings.Check our Facebook page for more info.

Umm, are you a member?

Mountain Bike Australia is the peak industry body in Australia- they do lots of cool things, I’d encourage anyone interested in mountain biking to consider joining. Your membership will go towards advocacy, promotion and development of MTB in Australia. Without which our sport would not have anywhere near the amount of trails, events and other amenities we currently enjoy.

Umm, are you insured?

A Recreational  Mountain Bike Australia membership includes personal accident insurance and public liability insurance.