Umm, whats happening?

Coming soon- Stop, Drop and Roll. A series of three 1 & 1 /2 hour sessions for intermediate riders wanting to improve there riding.

Session 1 Stop focusses on using controls (brakes, gears and droppers) learn how to use them more efficiently, and how to use terrain scanning to get maximum efficiency out of your control inputs. (go further with less effort).

Session 2 We will work on moving around the bike- forward back, up down and side to side, learn how to decouple from the bike so you can drop with feather light landings and increase your grip when cornering.

Session 3 Roll In this session we will learn how to increase our speed over bumps, and out of corners without pedalling. (tip- its like standing on a swing).We will also learn some more advanced manuevers, and learn how to use them on the trail. You will come away from these 3 sessions a smoother more efficient rider.

Stop, Drop and Roll. Trail Cultures 3 pack of 1&1/2 hour skill sessions

DATE: Course 1 Tuesday mornings- 11th, 25th of June, 23rd of July 9.30-11am. Course 2 Friday afternoons-21st, 28th of June and 12th of July 2pm-330pm. Course 3 Sunday afternoons- 14th, 21st and 28th of July 2-3.30pm

TIME: Course 1 9.30am-11am Course 2 2pm-3.30pm Course 3 2pm-3.30pm

LOCATION: Clarence MTB park

COST: $150 per person

DETAIL:3 pack of small group (minimum 2 maximum 5 participants) skills sessions for intermediates who to ride further with less effort.

Private bookings.

DATE: Dont want to wait for a group session? Book your own session, just you and an instructor, or bring a couple of friends.

TIME: Your booking? We will find a time that suits you.

LOCATION: Various locations including Clarence, Queens domain,Derby and Trevallyn

COST: From $90 per hour for a one on one session (most people find one and a half hours is perfect). Add an extra person for $45 per hour

DETAIL:A great way to have a session tailored to your needs.

Other sessions times are available please E-mail Marc for bookings.

Umm, are you a member?

Mountain Bike Australia is the peak industry body in Australia- they do lots of cool things, I’d encourage anyone interested in mountain biking to consider joining. Your membership will go towards advocacy, promotion and development of MTB in Australia. Without which our sport would not have anywhere near the amount of trails, events and other amenities we currently enjoy.

Umm, are you insured?

A Recreational  Mountain Bike Australia membership includes personal accident insurance and public liability insurance.

Umm have you washed your bike?

Tasmania has lot of unique plants and animals, moving mud and other stuff between locations can have a pretty big impact our special places. Please wash your bike every time you visit somewhere new.