mountain bike coach

Hello, my name is Marc Hand. Trail culture is my hobby that grew. I’ve loved bikes for as long as I can remember, riding bikes, fixing bikes, dreaming about the next bike. When I’m not playing with bikes I work as a personal trainer, I’ve been coaching human movement, and helping people chase there sporting dreams for the last 15 years. Over the last decade more and more often I’ve been getting asked to help out clients and their friends with mountain bike stuff – where to ride, what to ride, and how to improve their riding.

 I am a AMBIA qualified mountain bike instructor, a PMBIA qualified mountain bike instructor and a registered Mountain Bike Australia Skills Coach.I am a registered level 3 Personal Trainer with over 15 years experience. I have a current working with vulnerable people registration, professional indemnity and public liability insurance, and a current wilderness first aid certificate. I am a community representative on the  Hobart Active Transport Committee , the Clarence Mountain Bike Park Advisory Committee  and on the Clarence Sport & Rec Advisory Committee.

Just dropping you a line to again to let you know that I was really impressed by the course you ran today on some basic key elements to consider when mountain biking. I thought you broke the details down into a really manageable and understandable format that novices like me could take away and understand in such a short time. I have locked in the learnings from the four main elements you outlined (Vision, Position, Momentum and Technique). Really helpful. Matt

I was lucky enough to be invited to a mountain biker’s beginner’s course. And as a ‘born again’ mountain biker (i.e. mid 40’s), I was keen to start on the right foot. The course instructor, Marc, was very professional from the start and confident, calm and helpful throughout.  Marc started it off with a safety discussion where I learnt how important it is to check that the bike is in good order before we start.  Then we went through basic techniques such as body positioning, forward vision (looking ahead) and braking appropriately. There were a half a dozen people attending the course of all skill levels and ages and I can honestly say that the afternoon course has helped my mtbing immeasurably.  The lessons I learned during the course have made my mtbing safer and more enjoyable. I would not hesitate to recommend this course as I think no matter what your skill level, you would definitely improve as a mtber for having completed this course with Marc. Simon

I was introduced to Marc through a friend of mine who has been training with him for a number of years. My friend recommended personal training for me because I had been in a rather nasty accident. For the first 6 months after the accident, I received all sorted of treatments but my body was sore and stiff and did not seem to improve. Simple things, like getting dressed in the morning, were a major problem. Then I met Marc and signed up for personal training sessions with him. Previously I had done some weight training and Marc told me that I had to “unlearn” everything. That was tough. But with a lot of patience and good humour he explained what happened to my body and why I simply could not afford not to listen to him. Every question I had was answered in detail and without interrupting the sessions. His knowledge of not only exercise and strength training, but also of diet and biomechanics and rehabilitation is most impressive. During each session, Marc monitored me closely ensuring that my posture and form were correct and that I didn’t do any more damage. So my training was perfectly tailored to what I needed and the progress was amazing. Every session was fun and my body felt so much freer after each training session. I could breathe again deeply, and each week I moved around more freely. I thank Marc for all his support and encouragement! I have no hesitation an all in recommending Marc as a personal trainer to anyone who is looking for an experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable trainer who is simply a top bloke. Barbara